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Code: DIC10974
Manufacturer: Ammonite system
Price: 768 $

Very strong source of light – 1200 lm.Reliable and safe, long operating time.Extremely low weight, compact design, maximum use depth 200 m.

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LED PRIME - Technical description

LED PRIME is a versatile and powerful, light power 1200 lm, diving torch which will perform exceptionally well in all conditions.
LED PRIME performing perfectly while exploring the underwater world, dedicated to divers at all skill-levels.
LED PRIME together with ACCU 2,5 Ah gives the smallest and lightest LED kit on the market which is perfect for anyone who takes care for low-weight luggage during diving escapades.

Very strong, up to 1200 lm, spot light beam distribution angle amounts to 12?.
The torch provides intensely white light featuring colour temperature of 8000 K
Light intensity adjustment of 20%, 60%, 100% of the full capacity. The switch comes with a system signalling low battery life.
Anodised aluminium casing provides high resistance to weather changes and adverse conditions including high salt level water as well as mechanical deterioration.
Maximum use depth - 200 m.

LED PRIME - Specification

Purpose: main light source for diving.
The light is emitted by 3 newest Cree® XPG LEDs with total power output 14W, maximum light output is approx. 1200 lm.
Colour temperature is about 8000?K and light distribution angle of 12?.
The lamp head has three positions light intensity regulation, appropriately 20%, 60%, 100% of power output.
The switch is additionally equipped with battery discharge protection system.

LED PRIME's casing is made of anodised aluminium sealed with 2 o-rings.
A front 6 mm thick tempered glass is sealed with 3 o-rings.
The head has a socket for plugging the power supply cable. The power supply cable plug is provided with 2 o-rings ensuring airtight connection after connecting to the head.

The batteries recommended for the head are ACCU 5 Ah or ACCU 2.5 Ah.

light source 3 x XPG LED
maximum light output 1200 lm
light distribution angle 12?
total power 14 W
colour temperature 8000 K
LED life span 50000 hours
power supply voltage 12 V
switch type magnetic sensor
with light intensity control
material anodised aluminium / DELRIN?
max. length 108 mm
max. diameter 48 mm
front glass 6 mm tempered
weight 260 g
weight in water 90 g
max. service depth 200 m